What I ate in Taiwan [1]

Months after my Taiwan adventure, I still miss it terribly. I haven’t really looked at all photos I took during my trip until recently. I find it boring to look at the photos right after I took them because my memory was still fresh even one or two following weeks.That’s why I let myself effortlessly wait for the right moment to look into the past events again. Waiting isn’t always bad. My memory is tested. Did I go to the place just to take loads of photos and then forget about it? Who did I meet? How did I feel in a certain moment? I saw many people who take many photos when they travel and they always look like they’re in a hurry. I asked myself if I was the same. That’s why sometimes I just didn’t want to carry my big digital camera with me.

Taiwan is a street-food heaven. I could spend a whole day eating while strolling on streets and alleyways.  Seriously, I still remember when I was in Tainan, the main activity I had was to hop on Sharon’s scooter and we would go from place to place to… eat! Taiwanese people, especially people in the South, really know how to enjoy their life. I find it interesting that they share similar interest with Saigonese: We love to eat and always search for hidden-but-soon-to-be-famous food corners.

The famous stinky tofu ;P – Shilin night market

Taro, sweet potato, and pumpkin rice balls with tofu pudding in sweet ginger soup – Jiufen

“Iron eggs” – Danshui

Preserved fruits – Danshui

Ice-cream, peanut, and cilantro (not in the photo) crepe. Soooo good! – Jiufen

Sea-salt coffee and taro sesame bun – 85°C bakery near Longshan temple. I miss the coffee so bad! I went to this bakery the first time in Irvine, US, that’s why seeing it in Taipei made me all excited.

I still don’t know what it is… Selina also didn’t know (she’s been to Taiwan for 3 times already, lol). It’s like a big dumpling filled with sweet braised pork, the soup is thick, sweet and spicy…

Sushi at a fish market in Taipei – apparently this fish market is only famous to Hongkong tourists, haha :)

Beef udon in a udon restaurant in Taipei city mall (an underground mall)

Taro soft-cream- Hualien city

Tofu pudding, coconut ice with sesame, and tapioca – Hualien city

Railway bento – Hualien train station (I wanted to have the last dinner in Hualien with some new friends but I was late for the train to Kaohsiung so they told me I should instead buy this and eat on the train.)

I realized that Selina was in most of the food photos I took in Taipei (and in most of my Taipei photos, haha ; P). We actually ate a lot in Taipei but I prefer the food in Tainan, which is richer to my taste. I think we tried almost everything at the night markets in Taipei. We didn’t really go to any restaurants for dinner during our stay in Taipei. Night markets fed us well, as they do to many Taiwanese.

Now, I remember a soup and stir fried noodles I had in a small restaurant in the outskirt of Hualien city. I ordered them by chance and they turned out to be good. But I was so hungry that I didn’t take any photos of the food :P (it happened to many other awesome treats we had in Taipei too!). And, yeah, how could I forget my favorite Taiwanese drink – bubble tea? I’m so glad that there’re more and more Taiwanese bubble tea shops here in Saigon but bubble tea in Taiwan is still the best! : )


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