Corinne – Metronomy

Phewa Lake, Pokhara

“I got my heart tied up now with a boom and a bang

I’m not gonna find you again

I got my heart tied up now with a boom and a bang

I’m not gonna find you again”

 I started listening to Metronomy two years ago. The last time I listened to their album “The English Rievera” was when I was in Saigon last year and my favorite song in the album back then was “The Bay”. Riding my scooter through empty streets of Saigon at night and listening to this song was one of the best experiences ever!

I listened to this album again when I was in Pokhara during New Year and fell in love with “Corinne”. I couldn’t stop listening it on almost every bus rides in Pokhara and I listened to it on the long bus back to Kathmandu and now I need to listen to it every day. It’s an addiction. It’s haunting me. When I listen to the song, I think about Pokhara: foggy and cloudy and beautiful Pokhara on rainy days, Pokhara where I met so many nice friendly people, Pokhara with peaceful bus rides (much more peaceful compared to those crazy ones in Kathmandu),  Pokhara where I couldn’t stop myself coming back every time I had long holidays, and Pokhara where memories with some special people who I’ll never forget will forever stay beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Corinne – Metronomy

    • It’s treated me well so far. I am impressed. Will write about it soon! You should come here! It’s different from what people and the media tell me. But I’ve just been here for 3 days, I can’t tell much! Haha :) anyway, you should come here, I’m sure you won’t regret it. Like it or not is another story though, haha

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