Last days in Kathmandu

kathmandu sky

A post sunset view of Kathmandu from Monkey Temple

I found myself strolling around meeting friends in different parts of Kathmandu valley to say goodbye. When I thought I could navigate myself with the bus and tuk tuk system and walking around without getting lost, I was wrong. This valley still has many corners I’ve never been to. Streets look familiar but still get me lost (and don’t rely on the helpfulness and enthusiasm of Nepali so much as they tend to show you a wrong way unintentionally -> the lesson: asking at least 5 people on the street for direction, haha).

I had a very good “review” of my travel in Nepal when my sister came here to visit me before I go to India. I basically took her to all of my favorites places in Nepal. It’s like reading a summary of a favorite book. All the good (and not so good) memories flashed back as if they just happened the day before and I realized I’d indeed experienced a lot of things in this country, and I’m going to miss it and its people so so so much. And you know what, traveling in Nepal doesn’t feel the same anymore. I didn’t really know where I should take my sister to during her 10 days here. Nepal travel isn’t all about trekking, breathtaking scenic views, or historic temples and ancient towns. Instead, it’s also about the people who smile and help you on the street, and who welcome you in their house with their unimaginable hospitality, and who share with you whatever little things they have. It’s also about changes in your lifestyle and your thinking.

And for the first time in months, I found myself totally relaxed, doing nothing, enjoying my last days in this country : )